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Patient Stories

The videos and testimonials below show interviews with real Hughes Dental Arts Centre patients. They agreed to share their dental treatment testimonials to help others searching for a trusted dental practitioner in Southern Illinois. Click each video to listen to true testimonials from real people and to see their happy new smiles!

Bill’s Story

Bill had worn dentures for more than 50 years when he came to us. He had gotten work done that resulted in speech impairment. He struggled with impaired speech for over a year until a friend recommended Dr. Hughes at Hughes Dental Arts Centre. Now he can speak clearly and has a beautiful smile.

“[Dr. Hughes] treated me the way I should be treated. He did what I wanted. I explained it to him, he listened to me, we went through several consultations. He did what I wanted, and it’s just made me very happy.”

Michael’s Story

Michael lived for years with a gap in his smile due to an incisor tooth that never grew in. After doing some research, he decided to choose Dr. Hughes Dental Arts to perform a dental implant. He now has a gap-free smile, and is able to chew more easily on both sides.

“One of the things that struck me right off the bat was not just Dr. Hughes’ but his entire team’s level of care and competence. The whole process has been very meticulous and well-planned-out. His whole team goes through the process with you, explains everything down into detail—what’s going to happen, what’s going on—there are no surprises.”

John’s Story

John has been a patient at Dr. Hughes Dental Arts Centre for around five years now and is very satisfied and happy.

“The doctor is certainly a perfectionist, which benefits the patients. I couldn’t ask for better care.”

D. Braden’s Story

I love Dr. Hughes and his staff. I grew up dreading visits to the dentist office in the 60’s. Then later on because it seemed like every time I went in for a visit there was always something wrong to be worked on and to return! All of this cost us money. I’ve even been told by other dentists upon getting in their chair that they needed new equipment and I would definitely need further work. I met Dr. Hughes in 2011 right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He never pushed me, in fact we waited through chemo and radiation to finish. I never go into his office with the fear of him doing unneeded work. He is always reassuring and it’s like family with his office staff. Sometimes blessings come in white coats and a smile. Thank you Dr. Hughes for all you do for me.

Robert B’s Story

I have been to many dentists over the past six (6) years trying to get dentures that would fit – NO LUCK ! For six (6) years I could only eat “mushy” food. Then I saw a television ad for Dr. Hughes, what a blessing. I have NEVER been to a dentist who is as committed to solving your problem versus make you a “REGULAR”. Dr. Hughes and his ENTIRE staff make you feel like you are a member of the family. They are very professional, personal and caring – NO EXCEPTIONS ! From my first visit to having teeth – everyone there was great I now have dentures that “work”. I can eat whatever I want. Going to Dr. Hughes is the best thing I have ever done. I have a dentist for the rest of my life. I have recommended Dr. Hughes to my family and friends. If you need dentures or dental work – don’t waste one (1) more day – call Dr. Hughes and make an appointment NOW ! I cannot thank Dr. Hughes and his staff enough. My health has even improved drastically. I never thought about it until now – but “hidden” benefits are:

  1. I can now eat nutritious foods – such as salads/vegetables.
  2. I now can chew my food properly versus force swallowing large chunks of food. This causes your entire digestive system to work overtime and your system still does not reap the benefits of nutritious food.

Dr. Hughes is a true blessing ! God bless Dr. Hughes and his staff.

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