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General Dentistry

Dr. Hughes is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. The Academy of General Dentistry is an organization dedicated to General Dentistry. Becoming a Fellow of the AGD requires proof of attending several continuing education hours in various topics of general dentistry and passing a rigorous examination.

At Hughes Dental Arts Centre, we provide complete dental care including bi-annual cleanings and check-ups.

In addition to creating an absolutely beautiful smile for nearly anyone, Hughes Dental Arts Centre provides general dental services (fillings, crowns, RCT, dentures, etc.) teeth cleaning and maintenance.

PORCELAIN CROWNS also known as caps, are used to hide flawed, chipped, or exceedingly discolored teeth. They function as a shell that fits securely over the teeth, and are natural in appearance. Crowns also offer reinforcement to damaged teeth, rendering them more resistant to injury, and lessen physical discomfort. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, dental crowns can thoroughly enhance a person’s smile!

FULL DENTURES are meant for patients who have lost all of their teeth. Specially molded dentures slip over the gums and fit the specific contours of the patient’s mouth. Full dentures aid chewing, improve speech, and help to keep the mouth and surrounding facial area in correct alignment. Thankfully, modern advances have made it almost impossible for the average person to differentiate between full dentures and natural teeth. In order to make patients more comfortable, sedation dentistry is available at our office. We also pair our dentures with implant placement as well. The mandibular arch or bottom of the mouth does not always accommodate very well therefore a denture will often not fit snugly. We place implants and then anchor our dentures to them, give us a call to set up your FREE CONSULTATION NOW!

WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION is a normal part of growing up. Most people have their wisdom teeth extracted at some point, usually in their late teens or early twenties. In most cases, wisdom teeth are taken out to alleviate pain or prevent decay or gum disease around adjacent teeth. We know that many young adults may have fears associated with having their wisdom teeth extracted, and that’s why at Hughes Dental Arts Centre we treat this procedure with special care. I.V. sedation may be used to make this procedure more comfortable.

ENDODONTICTS “ROOT CANALS” Teeth are not all pearly white. Inside each tooth lies a slender strand of “pulp,” which contains nerves and provides nutrients to the tooth. This pulp reaches all the way down to the tooth’s root. When a tooth’s pulp becomes infected, endodontic treatment is urgently needed – otherwise the tooth itself will become very painful. Root canals are used to save teeth in such situations. After administering anesthesia, the dentist can infected pulp and replace it with a medicated seal. The tooth is then made whole again with a porcelain crown.

PERIODONTICS Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, not only brings about severe health problems, but also can also adversely affect a patient’s smile. If left unchecked, gum disease can even lead to a loss of teeth. Periodontal disease is caused by a large buildup of the bacteria found in plaque, which erode the soft tissues of the mouth. The early stages (gingivitis) are marked by red, inflamed, bleeding gums. If it is detected in these early stages, gum disease can often be reversed. For those cases where it is not detected early on, periodontal disease may still be treated using the latest dental procedures. Our hygienist is highly skilled at treating gum disease. She is the only hygienist in Southern Illinois using a soft tissue laser to gently remove the infection.

GUM GRAFTING Recession of the gingiva (gums) can cause a number of dental or health problems and, unfortunately, leads to an unattractive smile. Because they are the body’s natural line of defense against oral bacteria, keeping your gums in good health is essential. If caught early on, gum recession can be controlled through small changes in your oral hygiene routine. However, for those people whose gums have receded dramatically, gum grafting may be necessary. To perform this procedure, Dr. Hughes removes a small section of tissue from a nearby area, or from the roof of the mouth, and reattaches it in the problem area.


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