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By Dr. Hughes
November 09, 2017
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Find out if bone grafting surgery is necessary for improving your jawbone health.bone grafting

When people think about oral health problems they don’t often consider how it affects the health of their jawbone; however, your jawbone is also an integral part of your oral health. Everything from trauma to gum disease to tooth loss can cause the jawbone to lose strength, density or its original shape. Our Herrin, IL, dentist Dr. Christopher Hughes is here to tell you why bone grafting could potentially benefit you.

  • Are you someone who is dealing with tooth loss?
  • Do you have advanced gum disease that has damaged your jawbone?
  • Did you wait years to seek treatment for your tooth loss?
  • Are you dealing with significant bone loss?
  • Are you dreaming of getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth?

If you said yes to many of these questions then bone grafting may be the best way to stabilize and strengthen your jawbone once more. Bone grafting surgery affords our Herrin, IL, general dentist the opportunity to rebuild and restore the jawbone to not only improve its health but also to make it possible to support a restoration like a dental implant.

A dental implant requires enough healthy jawbone in order to properly support it. If you’ve had your heart set on replacing your missing tooth or teeth with this long-term treatment but you are dealing with severe bone loss you may feel defeated. Not so fast! Bone grafting may be the answer you’ve been looking for. By getting bone grafting first, we can often greatly improve the strength and structure of the jawbone so that it can support a dental implant.

Whether you have questions about bone grafting or dental implants, we are here to provide you with the restorative dentistry you need right here in Herrin, IL. Turn to Hughes Dental Arts Centre today.

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