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How To Treat Cracked Teeth

Teeth become cracked for several reasons. You may have been involved in a dental emergency or have an underlying condition called cracked tooth syndrome, which can be a painful and complex problem. If one or several of your teeth look flawed for this reason, our cosmetic dentist has the solution to fix it. At Hughes Dental Arts Centre, we may recommend fillings, bonding, or veneers to repair enamel, revive your bite, and help you gain a mood boost. To determine what services are available for your specific needs, schedule a consultation in our Herrin, IL office.

How To Treat Cracked Teeth
Minor chips or cracks are often treatable with dental bonding or fillings. These procedures use a combination of adhesive materials that resemble natural teeth to reshape them. When teeth are reshaped, you'll instantly notice a more durable bite. You may even be flashing your smile a bit more frequently. For more severe cases of chips and cracks, Dr. Hughes may suggest veneers. Often made of porcelain, these wafer-thin shells cover the surface of the enamel to enhance a tooth's appearance. These are a more permanent option, so you must be comfortable with your decision.

Cracked Teeth & Cosmetic Dentistry
Cracked teeth can hurt your confidence and self-esteem. Because smiles intricately link to the human conscience, our cosmetic dentist promises to deliver on the one you're aiming to achieve. Dr. Christopher Hughes understands what benefits cosmetic dentistry brings to his patients and will precisely perform an oral examination in our Herrin, IL, office to address personal goals, as well as questions or concerns. When committing to a cosmetic service, it can transform your appearance, as well as your general outlook on life.

If you're struggling with the side effects of cracked teeth, consider scheduling a consultation with our cosmetic dentist to discuss what options are available. Dr. Christopher Hughes can accommodate children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. For more information about cosmetic dentistry and other services provided at Hugh Dental Arts Centre, visit our website. Please call (618) 993-3100 for appointment scheduling in our Herrin, IL office.

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