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By Dr. Hughes
January 14, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out how this simple porcelain restoration can enhance your appearance.

We know that there are a lot of people out there that aren’t happy with their smiles. Luckily, our Herrin, IL, cosmetic dentists offer many ways in which to revamp, reshape and improve your smile with help from cosmetic dentistry. Find out why more and more people are Dental Veneersturning to dental veneers to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front of one or more teeth to hide cosmetic flaws and defects to improve the overall appearance of your smile. Porcelain is most commonly used to create veneers because of their translucent quality, which mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. Since everyone’s teeth are different sizes, veneers are custom-made to cover each individual tooth.

What problems can veneers hide?

Veneers can hide a variety of cosmetic imperfection such as:

  • Stains and discolorations
  • Chips and cracks
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Minor twisted or crooked teeth
  • Worn or misshapen teeth

What goes into getting dental veneers?

Getting dental veneers in Herrin, IL, is surprisingly easy and in as little as 2-3 visits you could have a completely new and improved smile. In order to get veneers, a couple of things need to happen first:

Consultation: We need to make sure that not only are your teeth healthy enough for treatment but also that your goals align with what dental veneers can offer. This is also the perfect time to ask us any questions you might have about getting dental veneers.

Tooth preparation: We want your new smile to look as natural as possible, which will require us to shave off a very small amount of enamel from the front of your teeth to make room for these porcelain shells. This process isn’t painful and is often performed without even needing local anesthesia.

Impressions: Once your teeth are prepped we will need to take impressions of your teeth so that the dental lab knows the exact measurements from which to create perfectly fitted veneers.

Placing your veneers: It can take a couple of weeks to get your veneers. Once they are complete you will come back in for a final fitting, where you will get a chance to see what your smile looks like with your new veneers. Once you are satisfied we will permanently bond the veneers to your teeth using a bonding resin.


Do dental veneers sound like the cosmetic treatment you’ve been looking for in Herrin, IL? Are you ready to take the next steps to find out if they are right for you? If so, call Hughes Dental Arts Centre today to schedule a no-risk consultation with your cosmetic dentist.

Teeth WhiteningHow your cosmetic dentist in Herrin, IL, can renew your smile

If you want a whiter smile, there’s good news! Modern teeth whitening can help you achieve a brilliant smile quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Even if you are a smoker or coffee drinker, you can have a gorgeous smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Christopher H. Hughes at Hughes Dental Arts Centre in Herrin, IL, wants to introduce you to the magic of professional teeth whitening.

Aging can make your smile yellow because your enamel thins out as you age, allowing you and others to see the yellowish layer underneath, known as dentin. That’s why your teeth can develop a yellowish cast as you get older. Tobacco use including smoking, and drinking coffee, tea or red wine can cause dark brown stains to develop on your teeth. These are just a few of the reasons why your teeth don’t look as white as they used to.

The good news is:

  • You can renew your smile by whitening your teeth from 4 to 6 shades whiter with professional whitening.
  • You can see remarkable results in just one treatment with professional teeth whitening.
  • You can maintain your beautiful results with a take-home whitening kit.

Treatment begins with a thorough dental exam to make sure your teeth are healthy enough for teeth whitening. If your smile is healthy, your in-office whitening treatment can begin. A professional bleaching gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth every 20 minutes. This initial treatment whitens your smile from 4 to 6 shades whiter depending on the individual characteristics of your tooth enamel.

You will take home a professional teeth whitening kit containing prescription strength whitening gel and custom-fit trays so you can touch up your beautiful results whenever you wish.

Don’t wait to get the white smile you deserve. Enjoy the quick and easy solution to a beautiful white smile by calling Dr. Christopher H. Hughes at Hughes Dental Arts Centre in Herrin, IL. Call your cosmetic dentist today and renew your bright smile!

By Dr. Hughes
May 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Cosmetic dentistry in Herrin, IL, helps patients achieve their dream smiles. At Hughes Dental Arts Centre, we're known for our five-starCosmetic Dentistry aesthetic services which focus on your oral health and cosmetic goals. Dr. Christopher Hughes is a fellow in the International Society of Dento-facial Esthetics. He delivers the simplest of treatments--such as teeth whitening--to complex smile makeovers. Always, he focuses on your best possible smile.

Your smile can show the real you

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that your smile says something about your personality. However, cosmetic flaws may overshadow your image. The good news is that cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Hughes in Herrin, can fix flaws, realign crooked teeth, and simply rejuvenate your smile for a natural-looking, refreshed appearance that impresses you and those around you.

In short, cosmetic dentistry improves the shape, color, and arrangement of your teeth. An added benefit is additional durability--in other words, a smile that lasts.

Consultation and offered services

Your cosmetic dentistry consultation at Hughes Dental Arts Centre is complimentary. Just make an appointment, and be prepared for an open, friendly discussion of your smile goals. Dr. Hughes is not only interested in the biomechanics and health of your teeth and gums, but he wants to know what you'd like to see change.

For instance, do you want to close a gap between two front teeth and also whitening your enamel? Are amalgam fillings visible when you smile, and you'd like them replaced? Has your smile always been crooked, and you desire healthier, straighter teeth? Bring your concerns and Dr. Hughes and his team will show you a way to a renewed smile.

Offered aesthetic services include:

  • In-office and at-home teeth whitening which brightens teeth by up to six shades
  • Porcelain veneers which disguise the front side of flawed teeth
  • White fillings for seamless restoration of tooth decay
  • Porcelain crowns to support and protect damaged teeth
  • Invisalign clear aligners, a discreet alternative to conventional braces
  • Composite resin bonding to repair chips, hairline fractures, gaps and more in one short visit
  • Botox Cosmetic to limit the movement of selected facial muscles and smooth lines and wrinkles
  • Juvederm dermal fillers to fill deep lines between the brows, at the sides of the mouth and more

Each cosmetic dentistry consultation includes a comprehensive examination, digital X-rays and other sophisticated imaging as required. Together, you and your Herrin cosmetic dentist will arrive at a treatment plan perfect for your goals and oral health. Then, he'll guide you step-by-step through the process as you change your smile and your outlook, too.


Then, we'd love to see you at Hughes Dental Arts Centre in Herrin, IL. Call to arrange your one-on-one consultation: (618) 993-3100.

By Dr. Hughes
August 30, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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When your teeth are crooked, discolored or damaged, it's hard to feel good about your smile. Luckily, there's a solution to every smile cosmetic dentistryissue, thanks to a variety of effective cosmetic dentistry treatments. Your Herrin, IL, cosmetic dentist Dr. Christopher Hughes discusses a few issues that can be corrected.

Crooked teeth

Metal braces may be the traditional way to straighten teeth, but they're not the only method. Clear Invisalign aligner trays correct alignment and spacing issues without any metal. The removable trays are worn for about 20 hours a day and are only removed to eat, brush and floss. Replacing the trays every two weeks is the key to maintaining your progress.


Small flaws in teeth, such as chips, uneven surfaces, cracks and discolorations can be hidden using one of these three cosmetic dentistry treatments:

  • Bonding: Bonding involves adding a few layers of composite resin to your teeth to conceal imperfections. Although the material is soft and flexible when it's applied, a curing light quickly hardens it.
  • Veneers: Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped pieces of porcelain cemented to the front surfaces of your teeth in our Herrin. They offer excellent coverage for small flaws and may also be used to whiten your entire smile or close gaps between teeth.
  • Crowns: Crowns cover teeth on all four sides and are used to conceal discolorations, cracks and other imperfections. Before you receive a crown, your tooth must be reduced in size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Damaged Teeth

Both bonding and crowns can be used to repair and restore damaged teeth. Bonding is often used to fill chips and cracks and restore broken sections of teeth. If a large part of your tooth has broken, a crown may be a better option. Crowns also strengthen fragile teeth, including those weakened by injuries.

Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth boosts your self-esteem and improves your ability to speak and chew normally. Teeth can be replaced with:

  • Bridges: Bridges consist of a string of artificial teeth held in place by crowns at both ends of the bridge.
  • Dentures: Dentures rest on your gums and can be used to replace all of your teeth or a section of them.
  • Implants: Dental implants bond to your jawbone and replace tooth roots. When combined with crowns, they offer a comfortable, long-lasting alternative to bridges and dentures. Implant-supported dentures and bridges are also available.

Are you ready to make a few changes to your smile? Call Herrin, IL, cosmetic dentist Dr. Christopher Hughes at (618) 993-3100 to schedule your appointment.

Veneers are used by your Herrin, Illinois cosmetic dentist Dr. Christopher Hughes from Hughes Dental Art Centre to improve the veneersappearance of a patient’s smile. When someone doesn’t like the color of their teeth, their shape or even their alignment, veneers can help remedy these things. For those with worn down, cracked or chipped teeth, veneers are also a great treatment option. Dr. Hughes can examine your teeth and decide whether or not you’re a good candidate for porcelain veneers.

More about Veneers

Because of their material (porcelain), they can withstand normal wear and tear well. They also can last a long period of time. These porcelain veneers are bonded directly to the surface of a patient’s teeth by your Herrin, Illinois cosmetic dentist. Before a patient gets veneers, an impression of their teeth is taken. This impression is used in order to custom design the veneers. This dental technology allows Dr. Hughes to create dental restorations that provide the proper form, function and fit needed for each dental patient.

In order to apply your porcelain veneers, a part of one’s existing tooth enamel is removed in a thin layer to allow for the thickness of the new veneers. The new veneers are bonded with a cement material that is hardened with a curing light. Ultimately, porcelain veneers can improve someone’s smile in a simple way.

With the help of your Herrin, Illinois cosmetic dentist Dr. Hughes from Hughes Dental Art Centre, you too can change your smile. After a comprehensive exam from him, he can successfully determine whether or not you would benefit from porcelain veneers or another other dental restoration procedure. To schedule this important appointment call his office today at 618-993-3100.

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